PC: Mary Margaret Curtis

  • "I have benefitted from Catherine’s impeccable taste since we were kids in Atlanta.  Her style extends beyond what is on the outside and that grace and elegance conveys to her clientele-myself included.  She works well with any budget, makes every occasion special and has an eye for the small details that make each outfit perfect!   Catherine has a true talent for dressing an individual as we are not “one size fits all”.   All of my favorite pieces-clothing and accessory are Catherine Slade recommendations."


  • "I've always been a pretty organized person, but years of busyness and accumulation left my house a mess and me overwhelmed at the thought of pulling it together. Callie and company were able to do a quick assessment, prioritize what needed to be done and make quick work of pulling it all together. My kitchen functions better. I'm more productive at my desk. And nothing is falling out of my closets when I open the door!"


  • "Catherine has this innate ability to remind me of items in my closet I have long forgotten to create countless outfit options blending an old stand by with something new to make it forward and on trend.  She indulges me with any of my extravagances by finding ways to work them in my wardrobe with repeated use so I get my cost-per-wear value and then she pairs those splurges with bargain finds.  She has mastered the mix of high and low.  Her invaluable opinions save me money and time in the end and make me feel confident with every step!  Adore her!"


  • "Catherine Slade is a true style therapist! She takes the anxiety away from the process of "pulling it all together" and provides you with the comfort of knowing you look your best from head to toe!"



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