“Bringing order to chaos and style to everyday living”

PC: Mary Margaret Curtis


Our Story

One big thing that Catherine and Callie agree on is what is going on inside your heart will flow out to many outlets of your life. We can help with those outlets. Their story started when they both had a nudge to meet up. They had heard of what one another was doing but didn’t really know where it would take them at first. After one meeting- they knew they needed one another to achieve their visions with this not so normal business idea. More than anything- they wanted to bring peace, joy, and happiness to their clients by helping them with what they do best. 


PC: Lindsey Stewart


Callie Milligan

As a little girl I thought that my career would be a set, standard path that would be easier to figure out, however those plans changed. I went back and forth with interior design and helping people. Through wedding planning, working at an interior design company and organizing everything I could get my hands on along the way, I realized one day that I could do it all- to some extent. It is truly a passion to make a space functional, help others realize less is more and to make it pretty. It’s amazing how the most organized people even need that little push of encouragement (even me!). It is a dream come true to do this along with developing great relationships and leaving a mark to help others. My hope is for you and your loved ones to live life with each other instead of stressed about those unfinished spaces! 


PC: Mary Margaret Curtis


Catherine Slade

I was born and raised in Atlanta, the daughter, granddaughter and niece of architects, however, my creative genes went in a different direction. Since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated with the art of dressing. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of different dresses that I loved to wear. There are days that I can’t find my car keys but if you ask me what someone wore to a wedding in 1998, I could most likely tell you down to every detail. It is a passion that I have honed over many years working in the industry in sales, as a buyer and also as an independent rep. Through those years of experience what I came to discover was my gift was styling. I love the confidence I see in someone’s face when they feel beautiful in what they have on. I know the power that clothes can have because for me they became armor. My life has taken some unexpected turns over the years and my confidence was shaken, so I learned how to dress to mask that. It became a gift, and I was able to learn the powerful impact the simple art of dressing can have on a person. I get to share that with my clients and empower them by simply helping them feel confident on the outside. By far, the most rewarding part of my job is the friendships I have formed with each client. They let me into a vulnerable part of their lives, but we both come out with so much more than just clothes.